Summer Weight Italian Selvage Canvas - Townsend Democratic Fit - 10 Ounce


* EDITION ARCHIVE — no longer available for purchase

Proudly made in California

10 Ounce Shuttle Loomed Italian Selvage Denim

  • Simple, clean and classic. A man's blue jean.
  • A tailored yet democratic fit.
  • Medium rise with shape to keep the back waistband against your skin and some extra space to accommodate the boys.
  • Sanforized raw denim will not shrink in the waist and leg. Instead, it will stretch where they feel tight. It will shrink roughly 1" in length.
  • Custom milled 100% cotton fabric.
  • 36" inseam.


Since we fellas can't get quite as excited about the opportunity to wear white jeans for the next three months straight, here are our summer blues. This is our third year offering a limited run, lightweight indigo pant for the warmer months. Coincidentally it’s also our best offering yet: a shuttle loomed 10 oz. indigo canvas five pocket jean with a traditional red line selvage. These will keep you from getting swampy through the warmer months.